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Category : Veranda Options
* Heating
* Integral Lighting
* Roof Blind

The infrared wall mounted heaters have ceramic elements that are designed to gently warm adults and children whilst outdoors under a covered structure such as a canopy using Infrared technology which is completely harmless and contains no ultraviolet radiation or fumes.

The heaters also do not emit any noise and provide a gentle heat similar to the feeling of the winter sun. Enjoy keeping warm outside without feeling too hot and without experiencing any unsightly glare.

The ceramic plates generate heat quickly and reach their full operating temperature within less than 10 minutes. Each unit is supplied with a 5 year warranty and require no maintenance.

This integrated 12v LED light system is designed specifically for the Designo S6, Olympiad S35 and Alfresco, it’s designed to fit into the underside of the wall plate, the eaves beam and the glazing bar if required. Made from aluminium and polycarbonate they are strong and designed to last! Operated by wireless remote control

A solid and elegant awning that is designed to be installed onto a veranda or other large vertical or horizontal
glazed area. This Veranda awning has a specially designed traction bar to guarantee constant fabric tension in any position. The Veranda system ensures efficient air circulation and optimal sun protection which minimises overheating.

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