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Category : External Blinds
* Wireless Remote Control or Switch
* Block out Suns Heat & Eliminate Glare
* Select 'View Through' or 'Blackout' Fabric
* Elegant Aluminium Construction
* 5 Year Guarantee

External blinds can block up to 96% of the suns incoming solar heat rays, which in turn can reduce interior room temperatures by more than 10 degrees centigrade on even the hottest of summer days
and cut the energy consumption otherwise needed to cool down a hot room by
more than 80%.

Featuring a unique locking mechanism contained within the side channels, which keeps the fabric held in place at every position, not only do our external roller blinds offer unbeatable solar heat and light protection but are windproof* too.

A built in tubular motor, housed in the cassette headbox that protects the fabric and operating mechanism when closed away provides easy functioning from a remote control or wall switch, with the option of adding a light sensor to automatically lower the blind to prevent overheating whilst you are out.

An array of dimout (mesh) fabrics are available that maintain the view through** or solid non perforated materials are available for complete blackout, all treated with wipe clean coatings for easy maintenance.

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* maximum windspeed Beaufort 6
** daytime only

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