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Category : External Blinds
* Wireless Remote Control
* Reduce Heatsoak & Sun Glare
* 'Dimout' or 'Blockout' Fabric Options
* Aluminium Frame
* 5 Year Guarantee

Mounted to the top of glazed roofs including conservatories and rooflights the Cayman external blind is the natural air conditioning solution that prevents spaces from overheating, along with eradicating glare and providing privacy.

Tensioned via tear resistant dyneema cables that run within the side channels that link to a heavy duty double coiled spring in the leadrail, a taut fabric is guaranteed at every position and allows the blind to be used on any slope roof and in any direction.

The side channels, which attach through height adjustable brackets to the outer glazing bar/frame and support the cassette headbox which contains the fabric and operating mechanism, guide the leadrail ensuring the blind opens and closes smoothly along with running perfectly square.

Convenient touch button operation from a wall mounted or handheld transmitter is standard or add a light & wind sensor for automatic functioning. An endless array of fade & UV resistant dimout and blockout fabrics are available woven from the finest fibre.

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