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Category : Patio Awnings
* Full Cassette
* Span Width to 14m
* Wireless Remote Control
* Optional LED Lighting
* 5 Year Guarantee

The Bahamas and Cuba model awnings are the créme de la créme of the range. Their unique design and slim measurements make them suitable for virtually every application making them the universal choice.

Both awnings are built round a substantial extruded aluminium backplate which offers for multiple brackets and fixing points to be positioned across the width ensuring a sound installation to any structure, along with allowing the awnings to span large widths upto 7m in a single unit or 14m as a coupled unit.

Powerful twin spring loaded folding arms tensioned via quadruple hi-tensile tear resistant stainless steel sheathed cables ensure optimum fabric tension at every position, able to withstand windspeeds upto Beaufort 6* and project upto 3.75m out.

The full cassette casings with rounded edges on the Bahamas awning for the classic, elegant look or squared edges on the Cuba awning providing a contemporary, modern look, protect the fabric and operating mechanism from inclement weather when retracted away along with providing a neat hideaway for the awning.

Operation is effortless thanks to the built in tubular motor contained inside the cassette casing, operated from a remote control or wirefree wall switch. Optional sensors including light & wind allow for automatic functioning of the awning, extending the awning when set light levels are reached and retracting the awning if strong winds pose a danger. Manual operation through a gearbox and detachable crank handle is available for smaller sized awnings.

Choose from an endless array of premium solution dyed acrylic fabrics each treated with an invisible nano technology coating that generates a self clean effect.

Optional dimmable LED lighting mounted to the underside of the cassette casing and infra-red ultra low glare heaters enable all year round use and enjoyment from the terrace.

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