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MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR HOME & GARDEN with innovative External Shading

We offer a range of high end Shading Solutions. Using only the finest materials and design concepts, they are designed to last in the commercial and domestic markets. Our unique 7-day price promise guarantees you the best possible value on a like for like basis. Patio Awnings provide a stylish roof over your terrace, our retractable patio awnings keep you, your family and friends cool in the sun, protected from harmful UV rays and bright light, along with providing much needed shelter from those occasional rain showers*, whilst adding an eye catching striking new dimension to the façade. External Blinds create a physical barrier in front of and stopping the suns energy even striking the glazing, our external roof blinds and roller blinds are the most effective way to prevent excessive solar heat gain, along with diffusing incoming light to eliminate glare, all whilst keeping the view outside. External blinds can block up to 96% of the suns incoming solar heat rays, which in turn can reduce interior room temperatures by more than 10 degrees centigrade on even the hottest of summer days and cut the energy consumption otherwise needed to cool down a hot room by more than 80%.

  • Australia & Palladio Patio Awnings


    Manual or Wireless Remote Control
    Adjustable Pitch Option
    Variable Valance Option
    Span widths to 7m
    Upto 5 Year Guarantee

    All awnings we supply are available with wind sensors and wireless remote control aoptions. The stylish awnings retract into compact cassettes....



    Full Cassette
    Span Width to 14m
    Wireless Remote Control
    Optional LED Lighting
    5 Year Guarantee

    The Bahamas and Cuba model awnings are the créme de la créme of the range. Their unique design and slim measurements make them suitable for....

  • Tortola Patio Awning


    Manual or Wireless Remote Control
    Full Cassette
    Aluminium Construction
    Span widths upto 5m
    5 Year Guarantee

    The streamline cylindrical shape of the Tortola model awnings make them ideal where mounting space is limited such as bungalows and single storey....

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